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  • I want to TRY SCUBA but I am not a confident swimer.
    The truth is that a good basic knowledge of swiming is required for any in-water activies. The same apply to SCUBA dive, however diving and swiming are 2 different things. In our dive center we will explain you all the skills you need in order to become comfortable and dive with ease, so you can leave with the best experience of you life.
  • Can I use my underwater camera as while Try Scuba?
    Unfortunatelly no. ONLY certified divers can have their own underwater cameras. For the new divers we can not allow to have their own cameras and that is because of safety. Never the less our crew can take photos and videos (more than 80 at the time) so you can enjoy your dive.
  • What should i bring with me during my dive day.
    Even if the air temperatures are really high, being underwater even when the water is above 27 degrees, our body doesnt function the same way. So a dry towel, dry clothes is advisable to have with you for after the dive.
  • What is happening with Covid?
    Well even if we are not doctors, or members of WHO, we know the virous is here and it will stay for a while. Never the less we are following very close all progress of the pandemic through our hybarberic medical channels and more. Through that we follow all suggestions and steps to reansure a covid free Dive center.
  • I am not vaccinated. Can I dive?
    We cant implement our opinion or beliefs to anyone. However in Greece is mandetory for anyone whos is dealing with people to be vaccinated. In case you are not we advise a 72 hours prior to dive a rapid test or a PCR in English.
  • I am vaccinated but how about you?
    In greece is mandetory to be fully vaccinated from the moment we are dealing with people. So all staff in Dive Inn Corfu are fully vaccinated but also twice a week we are going through a rapid test in order to protect ourselves and our customers.
  • What is happening with my deposit if I cant join the dive/course/snorkel
    If you cant attend the planned dive or snorkel trip for reason that is not relating to us then we do not refund it. In case you will cancel 48h prior to your booking full refund is given. In case of bad weather we will offer you an alternative. In case you can't reschedule full deposit is given. In the case of a Dive course deposit. For any course deposit register you in our system and you cancel 14 days prior to course 50% deposit is refunded. After that no deposit given. If you cancel after the period of 14 days no deposit given. Of course we we are all humans and plans are not always goes as we wish, call us to find a solution.
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